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About Me

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FRESH A LA MODE was originally launched in 2013 in New Jersey, where I was born and raised offering a collection of trending accessories for the fashion forward thinker. By combining my two passions, business and fashion, I had created the company as a reflection of my own personal style and unique adventurous taste. 
Three years later, residing in Florida, I am now a proud mommy of 3 beautiful boys. I’ve learned many things being a mom. It opens your heart, and it opens your eyes to the world in a new way. But becoming a mother can often spark something unexpected inside of you, animate a new layer of your spirit, enhance your passion and urge you down a path you never planned to take, one that’s just for you. Yet all of these have one thing in common. At the core, they all are about protection and safety. 
A mother’s natural instinct is protection for her family, children, and loved one. I have cleansed FRESHALAMODE by redesigning the traditional 5000 year old “NAZAR” Evil Eye belief into an array of modern accessories from the most simple and dainty, to the midst elaborate and bold. These individual evil eye pieces are exclusively handmade and designed in the USA by me. Wearing an evil eye amulet is believed to provide protection by drawing positive energy and deflecting the glare against negative intentions, envy and harm.
Each evil eye piece is exclusive and designed for all regardless of spiritual background. I believe there is no pre requisite for feeling good, confident, or keeping the ones you love safe. The great thing about passion is that it’s infectious. I intent to make optimism, positivity an everyday reality for everyone. After all, trends fade but beliefs will always be in style.